Five Face Masks for fabulous skin

Face masks seem to be all the rage right now with hundreds of different types on the market all promising different results. To everything from brightening, pore cleansing, wrinkle reducing, etc., we’ve come up with a list (in no particular order) of some of the best available face masks ranging in affordability and use.


1. Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment


It’s no secret that clay is amazing for treating blemishes and skin, but there seems to be endless products to choose from. GlamGlow's Tinglexfoliate Treatment claims to shrink pores, exfoliate, and leave skin looking bright and radiant – and it does just that. The Tinglexfoliate formula was originally created to be a “professional facial in a jar” for the entertainment industry, and has a French sea clay base with chunks of green tea leaves and volcanic pumice. The product was later released to the general public and has earned the excitement it deserves. This product runs at €45 and truly tingles on your face, exfoliates as you wash it off, and minimizes pores. The skin can feel slightly more dry after use, so we recommend applying moisturizer or looking into a hydrating mask such as Glamglow Thirstymud hydrating Treatment.


2. Dr. Sebagh Deep Exfoliating Mask


We had to give notice to another exfoliating mask because this one is too good. The Deep Exfoliating Mask makes skin feel baby soft, prevents breakouts, and reduces the look of preexisting acne scars. The great thing about this product is that you’ll have smooth, radiant skin just after one use, but continue to see skin improvements if used weekly. Although pricey, we believe this is the perfect mask to splurge on for around €69.


3. Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Mask


If you’re looking to firm your skin and to improve elasticity for a youthful glow, then the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Mask may be the one for you. This mask hydrates, refreshes, and reduces the look of lines and wrinkles. It’s especially beneficial for those of us that aren’t getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep, as it wakes up skin and leaves an energetic plump look. You can find the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Mask for €66 here.


4. L’Occitane Divine Cream Mask


This is the most expensive mask we’re going to tell you about with a price tag of  €104, but the benefits you’ll receive are priceless! This mask does it all. It maintains youth, nourishes and hydrates, reduces wrinkles and dehydration lines, evens skin tone, and brightens skin. The wonderful thing about this mask is that it doubles as a moisturizer if you use just a thin layer, versus a think layer as a mask. For all of the benefits you’ll receive, plus the versatile use, we definitely recommend giving this mask a try.


5. L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Glow Mask


Affordability never goes out of style! The L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Glow Mask costs only around €12 but can compete with the high-end brands. A blend of three pure clays and red algae, this mask’s usefulness increases with each use. It first smoothes and brightens, then minimizes pores and eliminates blemishes, and finally creates an even toned glow. Even though it is a clay mask, this formula actually hydrates the skin and is recommended for normal to dry skin.