The top Bridal Beauty tips You NEED to know.

The day has finally arrived. After months of planning and preparing, you’re all of a sudden waking up on one of the most important days of your life! To make sure your day goes smoothly and you stay looking your best, we recommend giving this post a read.


  1. The pre and post products are just as important as the main ones.

What we mean by this is, primer and setting spray are about to become your new best friends. For those who aren’t dedicated makeup users, you may not have invested in these products yet, or don’t quite know why you should. Primers ensure that your makeup goes on effortlessly and lasts longer, which is essential for your wedding day. Primers also smooth out wrinkles, fine lines, or large pores, promoting your most flawless skin for the big day. We recommend taking a look at Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - Radiance. On the other hand, setting sprays keep your makeup on for hours longer than the products normally would last, while keeping your face looking fresh. For a setting spray that will last you all night, we recommend Urban Decay 'All Nighter' setting spray.


  1. Two words… waterproof mascara.

This one might seem obvious because let’s be honest, you will probably shed a tear or have watery eyes at least once on your wedding day. This used to result in an absolute makeup disaster – until someone decided that we should still look pretty when we cry. For these reasons, it is vital that you use great mascara that will hold up during even the most emotional of days. Additionally, when those tears start to fall we suggest wiping the tears away by moving your finger up your lashes, instead of the common “sweeping to the side.” This way, mascara is less likely to clump up or become runny. If tissues are readily available, hold one at the sides of your eyes so tears will soak into the tissue, rather than hit your skin. For an industry favourite waterproof mascara, check out Lancôme Hypnôse Waterproof Mascara.


  1. Second-day hair will last longer.

As tempted as you may be to wash your hair the morning of your wedding, if you’re looking for a stronger hold and shiny locks then pop on a shower cap. For particularly thick hair, you can get away with washing it the day before. However if you’re worried about having greasy hair, then wash your hair the night before. When hair is too clean, it can become harder to style and static-y, so most stylists will recommend second-day hair to create a textured look that lasts throughout the reception and late into the night. It’s very important that if you’re getting your hair professionally styled to ask your stylist what they prefer prior to the session, however, because some styles may work better with a fresh wash.



  1. Over-packing can be a good thing.

Usually when you hear about over-packing it’s regarded as a mistake, but on your wedding day it’s best to have everything you need – and more. We suggest keeping a beauty bag of items for everything from spills to touch ups. In regards to makeup, be sure to have your favourite products (lipstick, concealer, lip gloss, mascara, etc.) on hand for easy upkeep while you’re dancing the night away. Other items you may need include breath mints (you will literally never be kissed more times than on your wedding day), deodorant, blotting paper, hand cream, hairbrush, nail polish, eyelash glue, nail glue, perfume, eye drops, tissues/cotton swabs, bobby pins, and hair spray. In regards to perfume, we recommend choosing a scent that is different than your everyday use so it can be saved for special occasions and reminiscing.


  1. Don’t try anything new, but you can overdo.

Trying a new product or look on your wedding day is a huge no-no. It’s best to make sure all of your products are right for your skin and you feel comfortable in your look. We recommend having a hair and makeup wedding trial a few months before the special day, so you can arrange for changes if need be. If you’d like to book a wedding trial with Glissed, you can get more information here. In regards to “overdoing,” keep in mind that cameras and flash can wash you out and decrease the intensity of your makeup, so don’t be afraid to put on another layer of lipstick (for long lasting beautiful lips try filling in your lips with Mac Pro Longwear Lip Pencil under your lipstick). It is for this reason that we recommend using more makeup than you would even for a big night out, while still staying true to yourself. After a makeup wedding trial (or if you’re more of a DIY person, after you test out a look for the big day), be sure to snap some photos to see how you photograph.