Never underestimate the power of colour and light!!! Blush and highlighting will always add dimension and life to an otherwise 2 dimensional foundation face, and is our best friend not just in these dull winter months but coming into the brighter summer days to keep our skin looking fresh!

Blusher is definitely one of the most underrated items in the average makeup bag. It has the ability to completely change, soften or brighten any makeup look. Before applying, step back and evaluate what you want your finished look to be. The bigger the brush, the more natural the look you will achieve so we’d always recommend using a soft, loose brush for that laid back flush. Remember, a lot of powder and cream blushers tend to be highly pigmented which can equal disaster if you brush the equivalent of a small town’s worth of pink onto your otherwise expertly executed face! Best advice with blush (and with anything to do with makeup in fact!) is less is more. The less you have on your brush, the more control you will have over the finished look.

Generally, if you are one of us fairer skinned girls, and you are unsure of what shade of blusher to go for, try to choose a colour that resembles the natural tones of your cheeks after you exercise. For all you lovely, lucky darker skinned ladies, you can afford to play around a little bit more without looking like you stepped straight off the set of Dynasty. Go for those deep burgundys and bright oranges and see what tickles your fancy! (Just remember to still exercise caution with your application techniques!!)

In terms of placement, blusher should be applied to the fleshy part or the “apples” of the cheek – this is the roundy parts that are most prominent when you smile (go on, give yourself a cheeky grin in the mirror when you’re applying your blusher, you’ll see what we mean!). For the most part, try to avoid placing blusher under the cheekbone as this can drag the face downwards – stick to the apples of the cheeks and then sweep the remainder back on top of the cheekbones in a slightly upwards direction towards the top of the ear.

If you feel you have noticeably textured skin on the cheeks (acne scarring/open pores/breakouts) you may not want to use a blush with a strong shimmer in it as this will accentuate any blemishes or scars on your skin. Most makeup brands will have similar colours in both frost and matte textures so if you don’t want these highlighted, stick to the matte alternative.

For a really subtle look, or to correct a blush that is too vibrant, use a touch of a loose face powder in a tone that match your skin colouring.

After you’ve mastered your “just back from a long walk on the beach” flushed look, it’s time to make that skin GLOW! Highlighting is a great way to give your skin a little lift & to give you that fresh, dewy, healthy looking skin we all want! There are so many different options when it comes to highlighting, but here are the basics!

If you prefer a more understated look you can use an illuminator under or mixed in with your foundation to give you that ‘all over glow’ radiating from within. Some of our favourite products to achieve this look are MAC Strobe Cream, Inglot AMC Face and Body Illuminator, and PS Love to Glow Moisturiser.

If you want a little bit more of a precise application with your highlighter, you can go for a cream or powder highlighter. When applying, stick to the key points on the face where naturally the light bounce off the higher planes; bridge of the nose, under the brow bone, cupids bow, inner corner of the eye (to draw focus to the eye and therefore make them appear larger) and top of the cheekbones (but be careful not to go too close to you eye as highlighters can accentuate any fine lines around the eye).