How to stay in excellent health?

One of the conditions that result in greater longevity and a much better quality of life is maintaining a good state of health, not only because being healthy keeps you with an immune system more resistant to diseases, but because being in good health makes you feel better about yourself and with others.

However, for many the headache begins when you have to maintain that way, because any damage, if done regularly, can alter this condition, that is why today we will tell you how to stay in good health.

Diet and exercise: essential for anyone

The two most basic aspects of maintaining good health are diet and exercise.

On the one hand, maintaining a balanced diet allows you not to have a surplus of calories, to have an appropriate amount of energy and not to have any nutritional deficit. To have a proper diet you must take into consideration the most famous scheme related to this: The food pyramid.

This way of representing a balanced diet implies that it is necessary to consume a good number of fruits and vegetables, a smaller amount of carbohydrates, dairy, meats and other products of animal origin, and a much smaller proportion of foods such as sweets, desserts and limit consumption of high-fat foods.

On the other hand, an exercise routine that lasts approximately one hour is required, and it must be done daily. In this way, the calories that represent a surplus for your body are burned, in addition, the routine must exercise all parts of the body, especially arms, legs and abdomen. In this way, you will maintain a healthy body mass index.


What to do if diet and exercise does not work? Surgeries and other procedures

When diet and exercise don’t work, you need to take other steps if you want to maintain excellent health, which often involves medical procedures associated with surgery and so on.

For example, to have adequate dental health, the excessive use of metallic amalgams should be avoided, as these can be ineffective in the long term if they break or if the tooth becomes infected, for these cases, there are Huggins protocol dentist who withdraw them at affordable prices and avoid collateral damage.

There are many operations aimed at good health especially associated with food. If you suffer from obesity, and even if you diet or exercise you cannot lose weight, bariatric surgery is recommended, in this way, your appetite is reduced to have guaranteed results in the medium and long term.

Baja California is a state in Mexico where multiple procedures of this style are performed, gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana is a specialty, as this city has many professionals from the United States, as well as people who accompany the patients before and after the procedure, offering psychological support, as well as diets that must be followed for the rest of their lives.